Hear from the Most Influential people in 2013

What is influence in HR? What are the big challenges going forward? Watch our videos to see what the top HR practitioners and thinkers in the world are saying.

Plus...where do our expert sponsors think the world of HR is going? 

Key HR issues

Doug Sawers, MD of Cerdian, sponsor of HR Most Influential for eight years, says the use of HR analytics is an opportunity to improve a company's revenue aswell as drive efficiency.
"Most people understand that this is not just a trend and a fad, it’s the essence of the job in the future and its important that everyone pays attention to what's now available," he said.
The main hurdle for HR departments, Sawers says, is to be "noticed" and the use of data and intelligence can be used to “prove it's a good thing to invest appropriately in talent; it’s a vital factor". 

Will Hutton on workers owning company values

Will Hutton, chair of the Big Innovation Centre, has called on HR to ensure employees know and take ownership of the businesses purpose, mission and values.

Speaking alongside chair of the Darla Moore school of business at the university of South Carolina, Patrick Wright, Hutton said the "best people" in HR get this but the challenge lies in "persuading boards to take this agenda seriously".

"You can't turn any company inside out so that it faces external influence and internalise it without people who really own the mission, values and purpose of that company," he said.

David Fairs, partner, KPMG on HR using data analytics

David Fairs, partner at professional services firm KPMG, said HR is often "overwhelmed" with the amount of data available to them, and need guidance to ensure it's interpreted properly.

He said 2014 will be a "challenging" year for HR directors with all the data and technology they have. "HR analytics is really coming into its own," said Fairs. "Companies often have a lot of data around their employees but quite often it's in dispersed areas of the business. "